Facebook Will Be Changing Your Newsfeed Again


You ever felt like you were just getting used to a certain social network, you like the way it operates and then bam they switch it up on you? Well that’s what Facebook is going to be doing. Facebook will be changing up it’s news feed once again to highlight the websites that it thinks that users spend more time on. It won’t be a significant change. For example, if you spend a lot of time here on BeefALERT.net, it will highlight our posts and give BeefALERT.net more of the spotlight on your feed.


This new feed update is apart of Facebook’s Feed Quality Program, which is an attempt to improve everyone’s news feed experience. Facebook says that according to their research that the actions people take from liking, commenting, or sharing a post don’t always tell what’s important to them.

We’re sure Snapchat, Instagram, and all those other social media platforms will make some changes as well.