5 Crucial Reasons Why 50 Cent Is Going Broke


This week, Forbes magazine revealed their annual Top 5 list of the wealthiest Hip Hop artists in Hip Hop for 2016. Almost every year Curtis “50 Cent” Jackson has made the list, but for the first time in years he’s no longer in the top five as his wealth and assets have been diminishing by the year. Many have wondered, how could the Queens bred rapper have lost his huge fortune. Here are the facts.

  1. 50’s music career no longer brings him the income it used to. His record sales dropped drastically after his album release battle with Kanye West in 2007 where Kanye’s Graduation album outsold his first week sales. Screen Shot 2016-05-05 at 3.33.58 PMHe’s no longer with Interscope Records which means he no longer has a major label doing majority of he dirty work. The label bought him out of his contract after 50 decided to his own headphone endorsement deal with SMS audio, 50 and Dr.Dre were beefing over that because SMS audio is a direct competitor to Beats By Dre. 
  2. 50 Hasn’t been able to sell his Connecticut mansion that he purchased in 2003 from Mike Tyson. He claims that the property costs him over $72,000 a month, and $5,000 a month just for gardening. 50 has been trying to sell the mansion for some time now, at first he listed it for $15,000,000 but now in 2016 he’s selling it for $8.8 million. 50-cent-house
  3. No more Coca-Cola/Vitamin Water income. 50 Cent’s deal with Coca Cola to endorse his signature “Formula 50” Vitamin Water ended in 2009. The Formula 50 Vitamin Water flavor discontinued. Despite making $100,000,000 from owning shares in the company, 50 Cent’s fortune is still diminishing. vitaminwater_formula_50
  4. 50 Cent’s SMS Boxing Promotion Company Failed And Went Bankrupt . One of the reasons for Floyd Mayweather and 50 Cent’s bromance going left was that 50 decided to start his own boxing promotion company as he saw that hanging around Floyd that there is money to be made in boxing promotion. The company began in 2013 promoting fighters but filed for bankruptcy in 2015 after failing to make a profit. 50-Cent-SMS
  5.  50 Cent is ordered by judge to pay Rick Ross’ baby mother $7,000,000 in damages after purchasing a sextape of her and an unindentified man and uploading it to his ThisIs50 website without her permission. 50’s reason at the time was to get inside Rick Ross’ head because at the time their beef was at it’s peak.blogger-image-1956885734