Jay-Z Addresses “Lemonade” On ‘All The Way Up Remix’ Talks Marriage, Prince, Blue Ivy, And Tupac


After nearly two decades of beef, Jay-Z and Fat Joe have decided to let bygones be bygones by squashing their beef and along with the squashed beef, Jay-Z just gave Fat Joe a verse for his hit song ‘All The Way Up remix’ along with Remy Ma, himself, and French Montana, in the verse he addresses the controversial Lemonade album that put him completely on the hot seat with Beyonce fans , he also states his thoughts on the untimely death of Prince and compares his princess of a daughter to Tupac. This is the first record that Jay-Z and Fat Joe have collaborated on since a rumors of Big Pun allegedly smashing Jigga over the head with a champagne bottle surfaced but Jigga denies ever happening during a time where Rocafellla Records and Terror Squad had tension in the late 90’s.

Check it out!

Fat Joe All The Way Up Remix Featuring Jay-Z