NEW Video And Rumored Story Behind Troy Ave Shooting Rumor Claims Troy Ave Confronted Taxstone


DISCLAIMER: This is from a Tipster who was present, WE ARE NOT POSTING THIS AS NEWS.

From what the streets are saying ,this is in the green room, 8 shots rang out #TroyAve confronted #TaxStone who always talks bad about him on podcasts, then supposedly hit him till one of tax stones crew members let out a shot which hit Troy Ave’s bodyguard Banga and we’re guessing as they were struggling to get the gun from the assailant they shot the girl in the leg then troy got hit in his leg, troy may have gave chase to the assailant or assailants with there own gun as he is already full of adrenaline and shock, no one knows the full real story but it’ll unfold as time goes on.

The truth may be that Troy Ave went to confront Podcaster Tax Stone, then one of Tax’s friends shot Troy Ave’s bodyguard, then Troy Ave started to shoot back.