Rocko Sues His Cousin Future For 10 Million, Future FIRES Back


Wednesday night TMZ reported that A1 Recordings CEO Rocko and Atlanta rapper Rocko is now suing his blood cousin Future for 10 million for unpaid commission. Rocko claims he signed Future to a six-album record deal back in 2011 but says Future breached the contract when he also signed a side deal with Epic Records in 2011. Since then, the CEO claims that he has been┬ámissing out on millions from the Freebandz king’s touring, contract advances, endorsement deals, and mostly commission.

Future got word of his family member┬ásuing him and took to Twitter to voice his opinion on the lawsuit when he tweeted “Ion want my n*gga looking like no baby mama” comparing him to Ciara, and “Real street n*gga went to the courthouse, how did it feel when u signed the papers????” said the lean connessouir, but after an hour Future deleted a lot of the tweets.

Rocko suing his cousin Future for 10 million. Twitter beef

Rocko also expressed his feelings on the matter on Twitter when he tweeted “Lord knows I haven’t seen a courthouse in ages! Thats what lawyers are for!” and “Old homie of mine once told me just let the lawyers handle it” said the CEO.

Rocko suing his cousin Future for 10 million. Twitter beef

Hopefully the two can settle something out of court, if not this could get ugly, they’re family but this is also a business matter.