Thieves Dressed As Apple Employees Steal $16,000 Worth Of iPhones Third Time This Has Happened In 2016


If you’re interested in getting one of those jobs at Apple, now is the time to apply after the firings they’ll be making after this.

According to the NY Post, a man dressed as an Apple employee entered the Soho New York Apple store on June 1, and stole 19 iPhones from the store’s drawer and handed them to an accomplice who would then hide it under their shirt, and swiftly the pair of thieves left. It is reported that the pair stole over $16,000 worth of iPhones.

This isn’t the first time this has happened, earlier this year three people also dressed as Apple employees made off with 67 iPhones from the Upper West Side, New York store.

What’s clever about the thieves is that the uniforms they wore as a disguise were all up to date, which means this could of been an inside job.