T.I. Opening Up An Atlanta Strip Club, Auditions Over 1600 Women



T.I. has always been known to be a hustler outside of the music industry, you’ve seen him in his hit reality series “TI & Tiny: The Family Hustle”, some of the biggest Hollywood movies such as American Gangster and Takers, he runs his clothing line AKOO, and now the rapper is going a more entrepreneurial route with opening up a strip club in his native Atlanta, Georgia.

TMZ Reports that the ATL star , along with owner of V Live,  Damon Cobbs, are opening up a V Live in Atlanta. V Live is already a popular established strip club in Houston, the two plan to expand the former location of Diamonds of Atlanta.

Last week, T.I. held a casting call for the new strip hustle business, TMZ says recruiters were looking for a specific type of candidates who had “a well-rounded butt, toned body and tight abs.” The casting call was for over 100 strippers looking to make some coins. 1600 aspiring strippers ended up showing up to the casting call. Check out the video above!