50 Cent Ends Bankruptcy With $23 Million Payback Plan


50 Cent has finally ended his bankruptcy woes with after a judge signed off an a deal that says the rapper must pay $23 million to his creditors TMZ reports.

“Mr. Jackson is pleased that the Bankruptcy Court approved his plan of reorganization today, less than one year after filing for chapter 11 to reorganize his financial affairs.” said one of his lawyers then continues to state “Mr. Jackson’s plan of reorganization received overwhelming support from his creditors and was confirmed without objection. The consensual plan resolves all of his creditors’ claims and was the product of Mr. Jackson’s good faith negotiations with his creditors and their confidence in his future prospects. Mr. Jackson appreciates the fresh start this process provides and loo‎ks forward to continued success in his personal and professional pursuits.”

The debt originates from two cases the Get Rich or Die Tryin rappers is facing, one from the $17 million he owes to Sleek Audio, and $6 million he owes to Lastonia Lewiston, the mother of Rick Ross children who 50 posted a sextape of her on his website in 2009 of her and another man, there were also five reasons we posted as to why 50 has been going broke listed here . Although this is good news for 50, it’s still bad news because technically he’s still paying majority of what he owes to his creditors.