The Game Calls Out Hip Hop To Act For Black America


Last night, The Game made PSA via his Instagram calling on the entire community of Hip Hop to start taking action for the empowerment of African-Americans in America. In the PSA, he calls out Hip Hop artists who have millions of followers to start helping out the people who made them their millions when he states “, who helped them to be able to purchase their chains and to accomplish their riches. The Compton rapper also is calling Hip Hop media outlets like XXL, The Source, Vibe, and even Gossip blogs. Earlier this month, The Game and Snoop Dogg have been doing a great service to the community in LA by creating a unity between the Bloods and Crips, also establishing better relations between the public and police in LA.

The Game’s PSA To Hip Hop

The Game calls out the Hip Hop community on instagram