Kanye West BLASTS Taylor Swift During Summer Sixteen Tour Says He Is Thankful For His Wife Having Snapchat


Yup, he did it again, Kanye Blasts Taylor Swift during his Summer Sixteen tour surprise appearance in Chicago.

Late Wednesday night was night 2 in Chicago for the Summer Sixteen tour starting Drake & Future, and on night two they decided to bring out Kanye West as a special guest, it’s only right because that is his city. Before performing his hit single “Famous” Kanye took to the mic to thank his wife for having Snapchat when he stated ” And all I gotta say, is I am so glad my wife has Snapchat” said Yeezy then continues ” So y’all could know the truth, they can’t talk shit bout Ye no more”. Kanye is referring to the video that surfaced last week where Kim Kardashian recorded Kanye and Taylor’s phone conversation on Snapchat where Kanye previews the songs lyrics to her and Taylor gives him the OK but soon months later Taylor would act outraged and even blasted the Louis Vuitton Don at the Grammy’s.

Kanye BLASTS Taylor Swift During Summer Sixteen Tour