Drake Brought Out Eminem In Detroit Bows Down & Calls Him The Greatest Rapper To Ever Get On A Mic


To prove that there was no beef between him and a Detroit Rap God, Drake brought out Eminem At the Summer Sixteen tour show in Detroit.

Drake Brings Out Eminem

It all started with a rumor Hot 97’s Ebro that Marshall might be soon targeting Drake because of the Joe Budden beef, Ebro also said that he allegedly had a conversation in Toronto with Drake where he says Drake said “I don’t believe Eminem is going to diss me and if he does I got something for him too”, the rumor ended up being false when Ebro himself admitted he was just joking about the conversation with Drake. Drake decided to shut down any rumors of beef with Em by bringing him out to his hometown of Detroit where the two would perform the 2008 hit “Forever”.

Eminem and Drake at the Summer Sixteen Tour in Detroit

After they performed Drake bowed down to the Detroit Rapper and said “Detroit make some noise for the greatest motherf*cking rapper to get on a microphone Eminem”. Was Drake just star-struck? Is Drake saying Em is the greatest because Jay-Z said on “I Got the Keys” that Drake will never be him?