Company Selling Headphanie Hennessy; Young M.A Needs To Lawyer Up Company Making A Profit Off Of Her Creativity


A company named Lilac Company , which is a clothing company based in Florida has been gained a lot of attention on social media and has been receiving criticism for creating a bottle of liquor called “Headphanie”, a phrase used in the hit song “Ooouuu” by Brooklyn Rapper Young M.A when she says “You call her Stephanie, I call her “Headphanie”.

Headphanie Hennessy

The Headphanie Hennessy is simply a bottle of Hennessy with the branding taken off and replaced with the Purple Headphone branding. It’s currently being sold at some local liquor stores, pop-up shops and according to Lilac Company’s Instagram, they claim that the bottles will be sold online. Seems as though Young M.A may need to lawyer up because they make no mention of Young M.A being a part of this liquor venture, it is based off of her song, she should definitely see some of the profits come her way. The company has also made claims that they’re not trying to profit off of the Brooklyn rapper’s creativity but a judge will have to make the final decision in this case. What do you guys think? Should Young M.A find the best Jewish lawyer in Brooklyn to make 100% of the profits made by the Lilac Company?