14 Trump Voter Regret Tweets


Welp! 45th President of the United States of America Donald Trump was recently inauguarated last Friday, and on his first day on the job, Trump decided to increase the mortgage rate for middle class homeowners and also decided to sign an executive order to repeal Obamacare, his supporters are finally starting to realize that this does;t just affect African Americans but also their own households and threatens their own healthcare. Also Donald Trump’s decision of choosing Betsy Devos as the Secretary of Education hasn’t gone over too well with his supporters. Here are 14 Trump voter regret tweets

14 Trump Voter Regret Tweets

On his nomination of Betsy DeVos as the Secretary of Education

Trump Voter Regrets

Trump Supporter Regrets Tweets 2

Trump Supporter Voter Regrets 3

On his decision to increase the mortgage rate for middle class and first time homeowners:

Homeowner Trump Supporter Voter Regrets

Trump Supporters Regret Their Vote Already 5

Trump Inauguration Voter Regrets

On his decision to sign an Executive order to repeal Obamacare:

Trump Voters Supporters Regret Voting Healthcare

The LGBT Community:

LGBT Trump Voter Regrets Tweets

After Trump made claims that his Inauguration was the largest attended and largest watched Inauguration in history. Voters were mad because not only did he lie but he also is boosting his own ego

Voter upset at Trump not releasing his tax returns as he promised to: