Sprint Purchases 33% Stake of Jay-Z’s Tidal For $200 Million Sprint Users Will Have UNLIMITED Access


It’s only January and Jay-Z is already making power moves, today an announcement was made that cellular provider Sprint will acquire a 33% stake in Jay-Z’s Tidal music streaming service for a WHOPPING $200,000,000.

Jay-Z Tidal Sprint Deal

As part of the new deal, TIDAL and its artist roster will make exclusive content that will only be available to new and current Sprint customers, which could also mean access to exclusive concerts, something the streaming service has already been doing. To curate this exclusive content, Sprint will be investing $75 million dollars yearly. Back in 2009 on Jay-Z’s “On To The Next One” he stated “Y’all should be afraid of what I’m gone do next” yea this is the next move he was talking about. Jigga purchased Tidal in 2014 for $58 million, and Sprint purchased 1/3 of it for $200 million, and now the streaming service is worth $600 million.