New Music: Big Sean – Big Bidness Feat. 2 Chainz (Kendrick Lamar DISS)




The sparring match between Big Sean and Kendrick Lamar CONTINUES. Recently Big Sean and Metro Boomin’ just released a collaborative album “Double Or Nothing ” where Young Metro produced the entire project. On a track titled “Big Bidness”, Sean Don on his final verse takes a subtle shot at Kendrick Lamar where he says

“Boy, I’ll hop right over you
Who the fuck you think watching over you?
I’m God’s favorite, you couldn’t pray a hundred times a day
To have me over through
I’m the bipolar you
I’m doing what you way too ho to do”


Fans are speculating that this is a response to Kendrick on his track titled “God” from his recent DAMN album where he says ““This what God feels like”.

Also in the verse Big Sean says

“Nobody sonning me
If I am a sun, I’m the one you look up to
Fuck you”

This is a response to Kendrick Lamar’s “The Heart Part 4” where he says

“My fans can’t wait for me to son your punk ass and crush your whole lil shit”.

It seems as though this sparring match between Kendrick Lamar and Big Sean won’t end anytime soon, this isn’t real beef, just two competitive rappers who want the # 1 spot in the game.